Shaadi Cards – Make Your Wedding More Special with the Best Shaadi and Asian Wedding Cards

Shaadi Cards – Weddings are special, which is exactly why people spend time, effort, and money in planning for the big day. There is an endless list of things that should be planned, including the guest list, venue, food, entertainment, entourage, and ceremony. One of the things that should not be missed would be Shaadi cards. In a traditional Asian wedding, the latter will serve as an invitation, allowing people to know the details of your wedding, such as when and where it will be. For most, it is not just a simple piece of paper or card, which is why there is a need to carefully think of how to create your asian wedding cards, making sure that it complements your chosen wedding theme.

What Makes Shaadi Cards Unique ?

In Asia, a wedding is called Shaadi, and hence, invitations that are sent out to the guests are called Shaadi cards. They can be easily distinguished from others because of the rich texture of the card that is used, which provides it with a more luxurious appeal. Some of the most common materials that are used for such include butter paper, velvet paper, and handmade paper. They are embossed with traditional patterns, like floral designs.

Like other wedding cards, however, the function goes beyond aesthetics. It is important for such to serve its purpose, which is why it must provide the relevant information that guests need to know, such as the venue, time, and date. It should also contain other information the couple would like the guests to know such as the dress code and other specific requests.

Finding the Best Asian Wedding Cards

Not all Shaadi cards are created the same. If you are looking for the right supplier, there are certain things that should be taken into account. Among others, one of the most important is to have relevant experience in what they are doing. If they have been creating asian wedding cards for a long time now, you can be confident that they have already achieved perfection in the craft.

More so, it is also important to first take a look at the asian wedding cards that they have created in the past. More often than not, this will be displayed on their website. You can also ask for actual copies so that you can feel the texture and see if the looks will perfectly match your theme.

Price, of course, is an essential consideration, especially if you are under a tight budget. Ask for quotes from multiple suppliers and have them compared on the basis of their price.

Lastly, do not forget to read feedback from other people, which will make it easier for you to weigh the pros and cons of the choices that you have for suppliers of Shaadi cards.